Friday, May 4, 2012

aku living happily..

Suddenly nak menulis macam ni...

I am living happily at the moment
Things are doing well...
I've found someone to listen to me...
Who won't judge me
Who won't get tired with me if my story is about my happiness, moreover my stress...
Who have time for me,
Who won't simply said i don't have time for her
Who won't hurt me by simply post hurtfull words on facebook like I won't read it
Who won't simply throw me away when she doesn't want me in her life

Anyway friend, i don't know what hurts u badly,
And i really does not want to know
I've done enough being nice and patience
I can't do it anymore

I am precisely not a puppet
I am a human who have eyes and ears and brain
Who can see, read and listen and think
I am done reading n hurt at the same time
As a note: lots of ur friends are mine too

So, thank you for being a good friend all this while
I've never though of looking for u only when i need you
Because i am always waiting for you to come to me when you needs me
Since i think that is what friends are for
I am done doing the parts looking for you everytime

To be honest, i did feel a bit sad for loosing you
But at the same time i am thankfull
Since you ended it this way
I am free now
From feeling hurt when u said something hurt me and i will forgive you right away because you are my good friend
From feeling hurt when you are repeating my mistake and to laugh at it for fun
From feeling hurt when you simply put facebook post attacking me
From feeling hurt when you simply throw me away when you think you does not need me
Not once actually few times already right? think back...
Maybe all those post is actually refer to you
Refer to how you treated me 'sesuka hati'

So friend, i am very sorry for hurting you in any way...
I apologize for any mistake that i have done
I just want to let you know that i am doing fine
It does not bother me at all when you decided to throw me away this time
Because as i said
I am done being good

And dear friend,
Please know that i have forgive you in any way
I did not keep anything you've done which hurt me
Because i am really honest and sincere being friend with you
Hope you will forgive me for everything too...

Again..thank you for throwing me away from your life... :-)

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