Wednesday, November 16, 2011

aku n Jodoh, Jannah n Jordan...

or finally meeting you...:D

~ 28 Oct 2011, in dusk at Teluk Batik ~

~ pagi Raya Haji, 6 Nov 2011, a beautiful rainbow accompany me n mak to Kak Ros's house~



It is happening was happened 4 days ago. On Saturday. Evening. At 3.45pm. 12.11.11.
It is the history. A history in my lifetime which I don't know I will remember till the end of my life or not, since I cannot promise to remember because I am a terrible person who usually forget...T__T

I almost cannot believe myself when I finally meet you. It it an amazing experience with an awesome person as you. Did I make it sound so 'poyo' now? I guess I did... is a very nice knowing you in person Mr.MyDreamGuy.

why is he is Mr. MDG?
because...when I was a little girl, I always dream a man like these package :
-he must be tall, way taller than me
-he wear spectacle
-he likes to wear cap
-he is bright...i mean white...anyway, his skin is not dark

and...guess what, he is all those. Of course, all that are only outside figure, which will not bring any assurance that he is a nice guy, a perfect husband for the future.
What do you expect, all those are just a little girl dream...silly dream which I never thought that kind of guys exist come with the package of a dream realistic guy. That is the another package.

My Ideal Realistic Dream Guy -again, it is just a dream...everybody have dream. Mine might seem 'poyo'...again...'poyo'. Here we go...

-he is a good Muslim which sembahyang tak tinggal la kan
-he understand well that I do not have a father, my brother does not really care about me ; which mean in my whole life, I didn't have a man that really know what I am doing, if I am alive or not, and a man who will pay my 'zakat fitrah' every Eid without need to be asking.
-he know how to make me fall in love with him...everyday
-he love me endlessly...which not more than his love to Allah of course
-he is a nice guy which refer to sangaaaaaaaaaaaat banyak sabar and not a hot tempered
-he care much about me, that when I involve in any kind of accident, he will ask 'are you okay?' first before asking me about the car, other people or anything else
-he accept me the way I am as much I accept him the way he is
-he MUST be cleverer than me, which, in any way...he know how to impress me with his knowledge
-he must be cool, in any situation, mostly in emergency situation, because I am not that kind, so he should be the one who will calm me down
-he can accept my weakness in any way
-he do not compare me with any of his ex-es
-he know how to feed me, I mean a reliable man who know how to find money for living
-he know how to teach me a lesson without hurting me
-he will be very careful not to hurt me in any way...with or without purpose
-he who know...when I am asking for ice cream, that's mean my mind, my heart are all gone swinging up side down...I need Ice cream to calm down.. ^^

and many more.

okay, back to him that I meet last Saturday, it is still very far to judge if he has all those criteria or not. We will see...i guess ^^...deep in my heart, I wish he has most of all that, and I could give him back as much I can...if the 'jodoh' allow us to meet in Jannah...:D


Monday, November 7, 2011

aku n pada kamu...

~ meniti sawah di Ban Canal, Sabak Bernam on the way balik kampung, 5 Nov 2011 ~
~awan yang sangat indah, Subhanallah ~

~ Tuhan bagi rezeki untuk saya meniti di tengah2 sawah ~
~ serius kereta I kecil, muat2 je lalu jalan tu ~

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