Tuesday, February 8, 2011

aku n journey to the west

~ life is a journey on a road lined with daisies ~


Last Sunday has been the longest journey I’ve ever drive in a day.

It was started with sending Aqil to Kuala Selangor at 12 pm. Have to wait for him more than one hour just to cut his hair…what a waste. Arrive at his school at two, straightly going back to Shah Alam.

3.30 pm, Shah Alam. Pick up Afiq and rush to KLIA to take their mom who just came back from Qatar. Reached there and meet K.ngah, Arif and Amir with a huge pile of bags. Poor Waja, cramped with all of their bags.

Thankfully the next stop is Afiq’s school which lightens up the car a little bit. After a little mother-son talks, which is actually more to ‘bebel’, we went back home to Shah Alam. Both K..Ngah n Arif was so tired that they easily fall asleep leaving me who were driving and Nani who have to listen to Amir random talks. I feel so tired and sleepy at this moment.

We arrive home; I went to bath and out again to pick mom n Abg Asan. So again, carefully driving in the night from Shah Alam, KL to Kajang and finally back home at Shah Alam, ended everything at 12am. Th whole journey takes about 12 hours. Hebatlah!


1. Arif said I am a taxi driver yesterday as I’ve been driving to pick up and send everybody to their school or back home. if I've got paid yesterday...huh.kayo den!

2. Afiq pull the Waja’s door at the wrong time and accidently hit my hand which leaves a big blue bruise on my right hand. Nasib baik tak patah tangan. Huhu!!

3. Aqil is the reason why everything become mess up which forced me to drive so fast, melebihi had laju T____T . Hopefully there will be no ticket from police arrive.

4. Amir showing a big tantrum while arriving from Qatar, and make everybody whose already tired become more exhausted and almost worn-out.

5. Thankfully Nani was there accompany me for the whole journey. Kalau tak, maunya I minum coffee lapanbelas cawan.

6. I am currently melancarkan perang dunia dengan makcik bibik –tak-sedar-diuntung-



Fia Abas said...

arif said that?hahaha makcik taxi hehe

inna hayati said...

yes..he did said that. kecik ati i..haha!!

elminaz said...

huhu, taxi driver yang mantoppp..wei, bibik aituh lagi kerr

inna hayati said...

hehe...memang mantop n gorjes..haha.
yup.bibik hari tu.si annoying itu. dan sekarang menjadi si pembawa mulut plak. sikit lagi je aku kerat2 dia, tanam jauh2, pastu curi pasport dia kat kakak aku, pastu bagitau kakak aku yg dia dah lari dari rumah...hahaha. serius tengah benci gila kat perempuan tu.