Saturday, September 4, 2010

aku n yes fia…your bff is happy…

It has been a while…almost 2 year I think since I felt this happy. So happy that makes me smile until I close my eyes n sleep n dream for the whole day. Which I hope today, tomorrow and further, the feeling would stay the same.

I never realize how happy I am for the past 2 months. The room where I always hang in to…be the room which makes me happy n went out in smile every time. All this while, I never realize how unhappy I am when I went to that room but he isn't there. Moreover…I never realize how happy I am to see him in there waiting to give me a very wide smile which makes my heart leap to the sky…

This is insane…totally insane. I am immersed in happinity(*perkataan baru-state of happiness =) haha! suka hati je)

"………… (blushing) I suka…ina" – 3 september 2010/11.28pm

Yesterday fia when we went out…I do feel very happy. Last nite, he again do stuff that I never expected him to do, but I actually hope him to do so..yarkh!!gediksnye I…hahahaha…

Dahlah..malas nak tulis dah

Happy! Happy! Happy!....lalalala~~~

*Oh yes…my bff safiah…don't u dare war2 ini dalam fb. I sekeh u sampai pengsan2 nanti okay. Love u!!

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