Thursday, June 18, 2009

aku n Miranda goshawk again...

Hye frens,

Following a suggestion from a friend, I did some googling in the internet...and found this:

~ siap ada table summary pasal dia lagi ~

"Miranda Goshawk is a Witch. She is a famous spellbook writer and specializes in Charms Books. Her books are required for Hogwarts. They are requested by Professor
Filius Flitwick. She wrote The Standard Book of Spells, a favorite of Hermione Granger."

"Goshawk's Guide to Herbology is a book written by Miranda Goshawk. It covers Herbology, listing several plants and plant growers, like a wizard in Nepal that is growing Gravity-resistant trees. It was mentioned by Neville Longbottom to Harry Potter while he was in the Hogwarts Library, searching for the tools that could be used in the second task of the 1994
Triwizard Tournament."

Okay, rupanya wujud watak bernama Miranda Goshawk...which is definitely different from me.

Tapi memang interesting bila buka link ini:

Ada 7 series of The Standard Book of Spells ni. Each mentioned in every book. Betul-betulla Harry Potter ni satu phenomenon yang luar biasa. Siap ada laman web WIKI, macamlah memang betul-betul wujud satu dunia lain kat luar sana nun.

Ops..memang ada dunia lain...yang betul-betul di huni makhluk Tuhan yang lain.

Tapi, Harry ni cuma sekadar satu cerita fiction jek. Aku memang impress...



Anonymous said...

wah. miranda rupanya witch. aaaaa very very tak sesuai ngan akak!

inna hayati said...

ala...witch baik..macam harry n kawan2...bukanla jahat cam mak tiri snow white tu...
tak sesuai eyh??? :D

Anonymous said...

eheh. lupa lak diya harry pun witch jugak. diya selalu dok bayang, witch ni jahat2 mcm mak tiri snow white. =p